Garner Homes

Garner Custom Homes has thoughtfully crafted a design-build process that starts with creativity, continues with control and transparency, and finishes with a unique and exquisite home. With consideration given to every inch and every detail, the Garner Homes experience is client-centered. We handle our client’s time, budget, and objectives with care as we partner to create a beautiful, functional home, all the while avoiding the common pitfalls that come about when building a custom home. The Garner Homes goal is to exceed client expectations at all phases of the project. Since 1998, we have meticulously honed our methods of listening to the client, helping to understand their goals, and executing in the form of building a timelessly designed, high-performing home. Our design-build approach allows us to consider both the project’s design needs and budget concurrently.

We are successful in meeting the client’s expectations when we can make revisions to the homes budgetary framework as we are fine-tuning the design. During construction, our talented team of project supervisors are monitoring the activity on-site and handling the project’s financial business on a daily basis. Acting as counselors at all points in the project, our team is available to help our clients be informed and educated. We utilize technology to make communication simple and maintain the project’s transparency. We are devoted to our client’s expectations when the home is complete. A devoted team member will oversee post-construction with service that continues long after you have moved into your home.

• Founded in 1998

• Building homes in Cordillera Ranch since 2005

• Dozens of homes built in Cordillera Ranch



“We selected Garner after talking to many people and interviewing the top 4 builders in the area. Garner was far and away the best of the lot (quality of construction and cost). Most of all, Trey Garner is a person of honor – a handshake means a lot to him and his word is his bond. He did everything he said he would and then some. Post construction issues (few and minor) were handled quickly.
Overall, we have been extremely pleased with Garner. Maureen and I discussed what, if anything, we would do differently, and nothing came to mind. It was a very easy process for us.” –  Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Maureen Cheben


“Garner Homes helped with the design as well as built my home in Texas. My husband and I are  extremely happy with the end result as well as the entire process it took to complete our dream home. We were living in Virginia during the building stage and only came to check on the progress about once a month. I think that speaks a lot about Garner Homes- they kept us thoroughly informed of all progress and decisions that needed to be made. We highly recommend them to anyone thinking of building a home in the hill country of Texas.” – Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Jennefer Reardon


“After interviewing several high quality custom builders, my wife and I chose Garner Homes in Boerne, Texas to build our dream retirement home. The whole Garner team did an excellent job of keeping to our budget and the timeline. All changes that we requested were managed efficiently and fairly. All punch list items and subsequent minor repairs and touch-ups have been handled with professionalism and the highest quality. We could not be happier with our retirement home. We consider the entire Garner team our friends. We could not recommend them more strongly.” – Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Marcia Pratt


Garner Homes

17 Vaquero Pass
Boerne TX, 78006

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